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CFO at a NBFC & a client

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CEO at a Marketing and Advertising Company & a client

Aniruddha is like a breath of fresh air as a service provider. He works hard, manages people and difficult situations with a very cool head creating positive results in the face of some tough challenges. He has pulled of seemingly impossible solutions for us more than once. I wish him all the luck and success in the world. 

CEO of a Housing Finance Company, an industry insider & client

The new millennium brought an explosion in the home finance business largely led by ICICI Bank's housing finance arm 'ICICI HFC' - it also brought about a segment of entrepreneurs called 'DSAs' for sourcing home finance business. In that overwhelming crowd of DSAs - there were extremely few people quite as qualified/dignified/efficient as Aniruddha. As the name of his venture ('ISE’ meaning 'In Search of Excellence') suggests - it was really a worthy effort at gaining true business excellence in the field of financial consulting (with rather unusual roots in home finance advisory). He pursued an ethical business, clocking almost perfect timings when it came to diversification / expansion (or even disinvestment). It’s been a long time ever since and he has really built upon his special traits to make a good name for himself in the financial industry.